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Moms are passionate caregivers, and often take the lead in caring for children with special needs, disabilities, or chronic illness. But what is most important for Moms to do and remember?


Be a Mom FIRST

As a Mom, it's natural for you to know your child's medical history just as well, if not better than, anyone else, including your spouse and sometimes even the physicians. But don't allow this to make you lose sight of your primary responsibility- to be a MOM!

  • Do your best to keep your primary role as "Mom" during doctor appointments. Because you are so knowledgeable and passionate about your child, the great temptation will be to interact as a professional expert rather than as a parent.

  • Physicians will rely on you for information and for your observations, but you need to make it clear that your role is to be your child's Mom. You respect the physician's years of training and expertise by respecting your role as well as her or his role in caring for your child.

  • When your child is in the hospital, make sure your focus is in nurturing and caring for your child, over and above ensuring your child's medical needs are met. It is the medical staff's job to address the medical needs; your primary focus is to be a parent!

Be a Mom ALWAYS!

Having a disabled or chronically ill child requires every individual in the family to adapt and work together to meet each others' needs. While it is important to be medically involved with your child, your affected child as well as the rest of your family will benefit most if you are ALWAYS Mom!


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